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Concrete Surface Preparation Services, Houston, TX

Concrete surface preparation is required to apply any other flooring surface, such as tile or hardwood. Your properly prepared concrete substrate will enable you to install other floor coverings efficiently, ensuring your final results are more uniform and professional.

Our concrete surface preparation services in Houston are guaranteed to meet your needs. Whether you’re starting a new project or remodeling an existing floor, Texland can handle it. Using the latest NewGrind RM350 floor grinder, we can prepare all concrete substrates in preparation for other finished floor types. If you are installing hardwood, laminate, or tile floors over a less-than-perfect concrete slab, we can remove previous floor coverings, thin set tile adhesive and mastic, etc. High spots in the slab can also be removed by grinding.

We take pride in our ability to adapt to new trends and changes within our industry and always aim to provide total customer satisfaction. Our concrete surface preparation services can greatly reduce the total amount of time and labor spent on substrate preparation. Whether you are a professional contractor or homeowner, Texland can provide the expertise and service to ensure your project is completed successfully.

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